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>Fireplace Equipment<

  1. Tudor Motif Fire Fender
  2. Fireplace Surround
  3. Contemporary Firescreen with tools & andirons
  4. Mayan motif firescreen & tools
  5. Fireplace tool set; a wedding gift


Purely Decorative

Kitchen Fixtures

Forged Bronze Belt Buckles

Fireplaces, firescreens & firetools

Explore the examples of my approach to firescreens and tools. You will note that my firescreen designs all furnish access to the fire through a double door (except #1, which is actually a “fire fender”, designed for use in an English style coal burning fireplace). The double door firescreen arrangement avoids having to move the entire fixture when tending the fire while also providing excellent fire safety features. Screens are all replaceable; and, for the best service, can be specified with stainless steel mesh; a great practical choice.

As you look at the firetools shown here, the tools may appear unusually graceful compared to the familiar “clunky” tools commonly offered. My tools have long, slender shafts, excellent balance, and tactile handles, allowing the servicing of large fireplaces without being tiresome. These slender shafted tools are deceptively strong, because they are forged from Chrome-Moly high strength tool steel. Note the functional shapes of the tools; they work.