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Fireplace Equipment


  1. “Black Swan” Chandelier
  2. Chandelier for a historic Monterey Site
  3. “Ship's Prow” Chandelier
  4. Mayan Motif Chandelier
  5. Mayan Motif Chandelier
  6. Tiffany Theme Floor Lamp -
    “Dragonfly” #1
  7. Tiffany Theme Floor Lamp -
    “Dragonfly” #2
  8. Tiffany Theme Floor Lamp -
  9. Yellow Roses with Preening Swans

Purely Decorative

Kitchen Fixtures

Forged Bronze Belt Buckles

Whether free-standing or free-hanging, this category has the singularity and three dimensional presence of sculpture and I treat it as such. My light fixtures all start with a design parameter that insists on finding a new and creative way to get the electricity to the light source. It is more than an exercise in self discipline; it is a way to stimulate a totally fresh approach to each lighting design. See for yourself.