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  1. San Francisco Townhouse Entrance Way
  2. “Gate of the Cats”, Los Gatos, CA.
  3. Gate operating station for “Gate of the Cats”
  4. “Plumed Horse” Gate, Saratoga, CA.
  5. “Calla Lily” Gate, Saratoga, CA.
  6. “Garden” Gate, Los Altos, CA.


Fireplace Equipment


Purely Decorative

Kitchen Fixtures

Forged Bronze Belt Buckles


My gates range in size from garden gates to a four thousand pound driveway gate (perhaps the most massive of all forged gates erected in Northern California). The qualities they all share are:

  • Sophisticated atheistic and structural design
  • uncompromised craftsmanship, and
  • the unique vision of one of America's leading sculptor/metalsmiths.

Architectural periods and styles can be challenged or meticulously reproduced by the artist/craftsperson. Example: In the former case, “challenged” means superimposing conflicting periods or styles, such as contemporary or gothic, or Victorian or Craftsman; in the latter case, by “reproduced” means going to great pains to copy the work of the specific period, often with uncreative and lifeless designs. Look carefully at my gates, I hope you agree with me that the designs are harmonious with the setting yet dynamically original and contemporary.