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Fireplace Equipment


  1. “Black Swan” Chandelier
  2. Chandelier for a historic Monterey Site
  3. “Ship's Prow” Chandelier
  4. Mayan Motif Chandelier
  5. Mayan Motif Chandelier
  6. Tiffany Theme Floor Lamp - “Dragonfly”#1
  7. Tiffany Theme Floor Lamp - “Dragonfly”#2
  8. Tiffany Theme Floor Lamp - “Wisteria”
  9. >Yellow Roses with Preening Swans<

Purely Decorative

Kitchen Fixtures

Forged Bronze Belt Buckles

"Preening Swans with Yellow Roses" Floor Lamp by E. A. Chase

“Preening Swans with Yellow Roses”
Floor Lamp

80" H
Forged Steel, Bronze, Brass and Copper

(Shades for this lamp by Doug Kinklehahn)
(Click image to view close-up)